Invest In Chess…
more than motor insurance.

  • "The Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival got under way on Tuesday with the strongest field ever assembled to play chess in the shadow of The Rock." ~ Malcolm Pein, Daily Telegraph, 29th January 2015.

  • "Tradewise Gibraltar has become a byword for quality fields, smooth organisation and generous prize funds, plus a fine venue at the Caleta Hotel, and its 2015 version this week maintained its high status." ~ Leonard Barden, The Guardian, 7th February, 2015.

  • "I believe it is the best tournament for female chess players, and the best Open tournament for sure." ~ Antoaneta Stefanova, former Women's World Champion.

  • "Just when you think that this great tournament cannot surpass itself, it manages to do so." ~ Malcolm Pein, Daily Telegraph, 9th February 2015.

  • "The Tradewise Gibraltar Open is the strongest and best-organised event of its kind in the world. Its popularity and success has stemmed from its concept of niche sponsorship, resulting in a mix of several business backers, led by Tradewise Insurance, plus active official support." ~ Leonard Barden, Financial Times, February 7th, 2015.

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  • The Tradewise Gibraltar Open Chess Tournament voted best festival of the year
  • 10% of your premium goes back into grassroots chess*

What is Tradewise?

Tradewise Insurance Company Ltd, is as it states! But in the world of Chess the Tradewise Gibraltar Chess Festival has become widely known and respected by chess players around the world and quoted by the Sunday Times as the most prestigious open tournament in the world.

Why Insure with Tradewise?

The Game of Chess

For more than a decade Tradewise, the Insurance Company, has been investing in Chess. In simple terms your premiums spent with Tradewise is an investment into developing the modern game of chess. We guarantee 10% of the premium will be invested into the game of chess.*

The Policy

In this day and age it could be said that motor insurance is all much of a muchness. The Tradewise Chess players contract however has been created with the modern day chess player in mind. The only motor insurance policy to provide cover for your laptop or tablet in the UK, regardless of where you are and if you have your car with you or not. It is what we do that makes the difference.*

The Company

Tradewise as a European motor vehicle insurer currently trades in the UK, Ireland, Cyprus, Portugal, Spain and Gibraltar. We specialise in being big in small areas and provide specialised insurance cover for areas such as the motor trade, market trade, chauffer, London black taxi, cycling enthusiasts, UK expatriates and even face painters. A trading name in the UK for twenty years and a recognised Insurer supported by the world’s leading re-insurance markets since 2001.

The Premium

Providing you are over 25 years of age have had a full clean driving licence for more than two years we will do the utmost, on a like for like bases, to at a minimum match your current insurance providers premium, our aim is to reduce it by up to as much as 10% when we can.